About DNA Token

A genetic token is a set of biological data about a person, placed in a refractory, waterproof case made of steel.

Badge to be worn around the neck

with rubber bumper and chain

Badge to be worn on the belt

Kit for collecting genetic material:

a) automatic lancet for taking capillary blood; b) sterile alcohol wipes; c) patch;

Kit for closing the token:

a) plug; b) stand; c) striker;

Instructions for taking genetic material

Instructions for closing the token

The set of tokens is marked with a unique number. The number is generated randomly and cannot be repeated. The number consists of 18 digits, collected in 3 blocks. Registration and accounting of tokens is carried out on the site, which excludes the possibility of information leakage.
(photo of a military man with a badge on his neck and a belt)

The token stores genetic data about the person:

  • A bunch of clean, undyed hair
  • Part of the nail plate
  • A drop of blood
In the event of an emergency, the token allows a person to be identified in a short time using the DNA material stored in it.

The genetic token can be taken with you on air travel, where there are passive risks, on planes, etc., that is, where there is a potential danger for reasons independent of the passengers. For lovers of active recreation on the water, diving, speleology, mountain climbing, space flights - a genetic token will give an opportunity not to be nameless, missing.

The storage of genetic tokens by persons who are permanently or temporarily in risk zones does not require special conditions or skills when collecting materials correctly (see instructions).

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